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Who am I? Who We are? What are We going to do?

Who am I?

The original image of Carrido comes from the work where are you going Carrido by Ms. Wendi Yu . The original painting is a silk version of traditional Chinese painting, from which our IP image is derived. Carrido NFT project combines the image of Carrido in Ms. Wendi Yu ‘s works and integrates the elements of traditional Chinese mahjong. Mahjong is a form of entertainment that combines different mathematical models. We make kalido into NFT. Every work on OPEN SEA is a pass to the future community we want to build.

Who we are?

Because of art, because of NFT, our team went from San Francisco to Guangzhou, Beijing to Taipei. Across art, finance, technology, law, media, trends. The project was completed by Ms. You Wendi and the “china-f” team, and the design and development of the jewelry part was completed with the support of the “ERR0R” brand. We are a fusion, and we hope to become each other’s carrier in the future.

What are we going to do?

In the future, we hope that we can continue to invite new artists and brands to enter and create a new world of exploration and communication. We hope to work with more Web3.0 participants to build a digital art community that truly belongs to more like-minded artists, collectors and Carrido lovers who coexist, coexist, share, build and create together.

This participation in the first Venice Metaverse Annual Exhibition is our first external exhibition. This is just the beginning. At OPENSEA, we will also start our journey after the opening! The future, the sea of stars, can be imagined, dare to imagine, want to!

Curator : Huang Yifan
Artist : Yu Wendi

Live photos