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Digital Twin Art Farm

“Digital Twin Art Farm”, as the first Metaverse “parallel art” project, will be released in Venice and Shanghai at the same time. It is an art project that continues to grow along with “The 1st Annual METAVERSE Art @VENICE”. For the first time, the project will realize the parallel artistic expression presentation of “Immersive interaction in virtual world x Offline exhibition x Twin mirror of physical space (Metaverse x Venice x Shanghai)”, and jointly launch a sustainable parallel art journey across time and space. And the Shanghai Chongming Ecological Island One Ton Park, which covers an area of 35 acres, will also launch the Metaverse Art Farm for the first time in the form of parallel art, a co-construction model of Open Call for artists from all over the world, and jointly present a dimension – breaking Metaverse sustainable art ecology.

Metaverse era / parallel art / physical forest / digital farm / installation art / virtual art, in the context of “parallel art”, artistic creation, curation, and presentation methods will be redefined, and “One Ton Project” will also focus on the creation、realization、landing、exhibition、communication、thinking of artists in the metaverse era,  discuss the possibility of resetting the sustainable development of human society after decentralization.

Curator : Chen Xi, J+ (Lv Jun)

Live photos