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7 Hiyah! Slash Journey - NFT Kangaroo by Pong Hok Man_web
Location: 106-L-102

Hiyah! Slash Journey

The Collection of Ceramic Gashapon with NFT

The collection of ceramic gashapon shows a variety of unique glazes which represent the feelings of slash journey. Pong accomplished the artwork technologically and manually – 3D scanning her facial expressions, sculpting the 3D prototypes, using the press molds, and hand-painted. The whole series is limited to 50 pieces, with a total of five different personas. Also, each ceramic owner will receive the virtual NFT version of the ceramic gashapon, which was painted digitally and rendered one by one by the artist. To Pong, she enjoys experimenting with different lighting setups and color tones to create different atmospheres for the virtual gashapon.

Pong Hok Man_web
Pong Hok Man
PONG, HOK-MAN is keen on body painting and special effects makeup with a passion for “trans...