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Pong Hok Man

Pong Hok Man_web

PONG, HOK-MAN is keen on body painting and special effects makeup with a passion for “transforming people’s faces”. To Pong, capturing the human’s status and then modifying their outer appearances is satisfying process.

In Pong’s spare time during high school, she was the apprentice of Hong Kong Special Effects makeup artist Gary Chan, she embarked on an art journey in films and theme parks with international teams. At the age of 18,  Pong often travels to Shanghai, Taiwan, and Austria to compete and attend body arts-related courses to absorb different cultures’ nutrients and exchange ideas with experienced artists.  After graduating from Hong Kong high school, Pong studied at National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), exploring the chemistry between ceramics and body arts through further study in digital technologies and handcraft knowledge. What’s more, she started a slash career including special effects makeup, body painting, custom sneakers, tattoo, and 3D modeling.