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Weak Entity Virtual Fashion Series

The exhibition is titled Weak Entity Virtual Fashion Series, and the Weak Entity is defined as a kind of database system term. In other words, the entity is called a weak entity if a strong dependency on another entity is embodied by an entity, and part or all of the entity’s primary key is obtained from its strong entity. The mutually reinforcing spiral relationship is explored in Weak Entity Virtual Fashion Series through combining art and technology, which is extended to the directions such as technology and art, body and generation, data and composition, virtual and reality, fashion and diversification, etc. The multiple association relationships exist in the real world, in which two or more objects are included. Sometimes, it is found that some entities have strong dependency relation on other entities. In other words, the existence of one entity must rely on another entity as the premise. The former is called “Weak Entity”, while the latter is called “Strong Entity”. The art and technology are the existence premise of each other in this exhibition. Through the wide application of digital technology, people’s creativity has been stimulated. Designers and artists continue to produce various virtual applications under the huge technical support. At this time, the boundaries between the digital world and the physical world are becoming increasingly blurred, a gradual trend can be found in the combination of virtual and reality, so deep integration of technology and art will be taken into consideration by people in the future.

The depth and breadth of diversified technical carriers, professional attributes and other related fields are jointly explored by the College of Art and Design, the College of Fashion Art and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. They adhere to the teaching concept of combining theory and practice teaching, art design and modern technology, fashion trends and contemporary life, pay equal attention to inheritance and innovation. They also take the design as the carrier, and rely on the new technology. They lay emphasis on globalization and fashion culture, inherit new technology and craftsmanship, and adhere to the concept of sustainable development.

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