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Grow Up Together

In the post-epidemic era, we are forced to study, live and work in the virtual world.
As an art creator, college professor, and social scholar, We desperately need to be with our children, Explore the future life in the metaverse world.

The project is planed and convened by Mr. Chupeng Wang.By Zhan Shuyan & Zhan Shuze, Li Xintong & Wang Zixi, Jewel Jiang & Xandy Xing.Three female artists and sociologists with their children, An attempt to create a new parent-child interactive social picture project in the context of the metaverse.
From the entry of children’s drawings, Explore the multi-dimensional space and somatosensory intertwined parent-child relationship.
now, We will be fully immersed in social media, However , we call for the true texture of “love”.

Curator : Jewel Jiang

Live photos