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Animated Reality

This exhibition consists of two parts; “Animated Reality Gallery” and “Animated Reality Metaverse Exhibition”. The goal is to encourage artists to participate in the experience of building the metaverse.

2022 is the beginning of the metaverse. The internet has been transforming rapidly from Web2 to Wb3. This exhibition has invited different artists’ collections, breaking down borders and mediums. From virtual land, Art collab collections, PFP (Picture for Proof), and gamification… We are Showcasing NFT new trends in  “ Animated Reality” Metaverse Gallery. And bring the NFT metaverse exhibition to Venetian Arsenal.

Invited artist:

Popil, Mumbot, Anthony Hurd, Sam pierson,  Dalek, Eric Karbeling,  Vidya, Aiko, Allison Bamcat,Steven Daily, Cheese, PaoPao,Jason Ostro, Yan Wei,  Mariana Martins, Michaelchuah, Niq, NateBear, Sixinkyo, Wooden Cyclops, Teng Teng, Sean Keeton, Pashu, Persue, C.A.T, FiiiDGT

Curator : Popil

Live photos