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Location: 106-H-02

We¹ Humans² on³ Mars⁴

We¹ Humans ² On ³Mars⁴ was initiated and planned by the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, with Dean Song Xiewei as the academic chair, guided by two teachers, Xue Tianchong and Wang Naiyi, and completed the research and development line with the technical support of NetDragon Networks. On the exhibition platform, it is the first online exhibition to build a scene with 3D technology for multiplayer gamification experience. The project assumes a real but never experienced Martian scene, and explores the possibility of self-awareness, existential crisis, institutional change, and civilization evolution in the environment of virtual interstellar immigrants. Looking at the earth from Mars, Looking at the present from the future, looking at stability from crisis, and looking at reality from virtual reality, this is a gamified online exhibition full of romanticism. It is a window for us to care about topics other than reality, and it is a wild place where we look up at the stars. The “Mars” project is an exhibition also an artistic game – it opens up a connection area between art and – this ambiguity is the unique charm and value of the project, we try to redefine the exhibition, redefine the game. The “Mars” project is a laboratory for future virtual exhibition experience. Based on the media platform of online curation, it constantly explores the presentation methods of game-based interactive experience, interactive information exchange and integration, and hair-generating topic iteration. It provides the possibility of discussion and extension for the mode and strategy of “immaterial curation”.

Tiger and Tiger – Fei Xiaotian
MVADW – Bill Song
Origins – Peng Jia
Plant Autonomy – Xiao Liang
A Solidified Lake – Quan Li
AAAAA National Park – Li Ruohan

Fei Jun
FEI, JUN Professor, Doctoral supervisor, Art + Technology program, School of Design, Central A...