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银色花火海报RGB版本画板 1
Location: 106-L-06

The Logic of the Generation of Visual Formal Language -- A Study on the Visual Design of the Winter Olympics

The research of the subject originated from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The work takes the Winter Olympics as the starting point, analyzes the logical relationship of the generation of visual form language by studying the movement track and changing rules of relevant projects and elements, and pays attention to the causal relationship and correlation between research objects. On the basis of setting variable parameters and visual texture (including line, shape, color, texture and other elements), visual generation is carried out by using processing language to complete the capture, simulation and visualization of motion track, thus realizing the expansion of visual form language.
This work is an experiment of visual design combining art and technology. The intervention of digital analog and digital operation means makes the formation of visual “”simple”” and “”efficient””. Under the laws of design aesthetic consciousness and art form, combining with skin texture, form, space, time and other factors, symbols, graphics, images, and other visual form languages are formed; and through the presentation by dynamic or static forms of media, new symbolic meaning of visual language is constructed.

Liu Pingyun
“Associate professor, postgraduate tutor, PhD candidateChief Design Executive of 2022 Beiji...