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Location: L2-C-05

The encoffiner of data

This work explores the issue of digital heritage that has arrived. I imagined a career as a data encoffiner, using her perspective to examine the data that people have left in the world. Digital heritage carries the memories of the dead, the sorrows and joys… For the clues, we follow the path of the data grave to explore the secrets of a person’s memory.

The whole film shows how digital virtual technology constructs the space of people’s memory, and the visualized data memory is stored in a curious cabinet of private memory. We saw a personal virtual mausoleum built with virtual memory modeling, and with the in-depth exploration of the film, we seem to be able to discover the secrets deep in the memory of the dead. The appearance of lovers in the form of digital doubles is a secret deep inside the deceased’s heart that he wanted to delete but couldn’t.

Gao Wenqian
He likes to use the method of technical archaeology to open up the passage between old and new me...