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The Deities of Mountains and Seas_01
Location: 106-C2-01

The Deities of Mountains and Seas

The Classic of Mountains and Seas is an ancient Chinese pre-Qin book, which contains many contents on ancient geography, history, mythology, astronomy, animals, plants, medicine, religion, anthropology, ethnology, oceanography and the history of science and technology. Encyclopedia is the originator of ancient Chinese mythology books. It records more than 400 magical animals, many of which are closely related to the magical animals in the myths and legends of various ethnic groups in the world, or even the same species. This work aims to resurrect and regenerate the magical animals of ancient China through digital technology, present them in the eyes of the world in a realistic way, and arouse the audience’s resonance with the world’s mythology and culture.

Han Xiao
Associate professor and postgraduate tutor of Beijing Film Academy School of Animation, member of...