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Supplement III- AI Orange Stampede
Location: 106-J-03

Supplement III - AI Orange Stampede

Thousands of years old Dunhuang portraits are speckled with stars, which the artist transforms into parts of the painting, using an adversarial generative neural network algorithm to complement the painting and recreate it. The artist strives to discover whether it is possible for information technology to make up for the irreversible time, the love and loss of civilization. Perhaps tens of millions of human food, clothing, shelter and open source material for the GAN algorithm under nutrition to create vibrant colors, is a heavy cyberspace-time response to the hesvy past. The exposed stone walls of the damaged paintings are given a new meaning, and the orange and yellow splashed on them will integrate the damage into the creation itself, bringing the natural brushstrokes and the algorithmic outline into full play. The artist also wants to express in this series: the history that is happening now is in history per se. Time is not purely linear. All that we have in the present is the result of the future.

Ting Song
Song Ting
Listed in 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Art and Gen.T x Chanel 2021 Asia Artists, Ting Song is an AI...