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Location: 106-L-73

Steampunk Hermit Crab

On a mysterious and distant planet, there is a race of cats, who live on the bottom of the sea, and their country is called Kelvin. Kelvin has a city known for its blacksmiths and mechanical inventions— S Tribe, where the most powerful blacksmiths and mechanics in Kelvin are gathered. The blacksmiths here made more than half of Kelvin’s weapons and armors, and almost all of the inventions in Kelvin come from the hands of the mechanics of S Tribe (although most of them are useless). Just Like this bunch of steampunk hermit crabs, they don’t have any fighting power. In fact, they are just playmates for the little cats.

Jacky Xiang(Xiang Zheqing)
Jacky Xiang: A Doll designer. He was graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Nanjing Arts ...