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Introduction to tattooo boy

Tattooo boy is a trendy art doll under black metal. It mainly attracts fashionable men and women with exquisite tattoo patterns and cute shapes

He is an innocent and extraordinary child.

Looks cute, but has a different life.

He likes tattoo culture and exquisite personalized patterns.

Engrave different beauty on your skin and print different beauty in your mind.

He is an unusual child. There is a pure side, but also the determination to pursue an unusual path.

Let various patterns appear on the skin, which virtually gave him a magical power.

He will be braver and more determined to pursue his dream.

Yes, close your eyes and fly in your own world.

Let all kinds of strange and interesting world things into his body and into his heart.

Being naked means that he is fearless and faces the road of life with the simplest side.

The tattoo is his armor and his umbrella. On the road of building dreams, he is not afraid of difficulties and hardships, and makes every stroke become his spiritual food.

Moral: life is short and extraordinary. Take an unusual path and pursue novel dreams.

Highlight: cyberpunk’s future sci-fi style

The special-shaped texture element added by Giger is more cool

There is a skeleton replacement head to make the play more diverse

The 35cm base contains a remote breathing lamp

The meaningless baby rushed out of the earth and flew to the universe

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