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Location: L2-B-08

Smiley FED

Single Channel Video Installation
400 × 450 × 268cm

Inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s April 10, 2020 news, “Fed Announces New Program That Could Provide $2.3 Trillion in Loans.”The artist manipulated the Federal Reserve logo (2018) to generate a moving image, and posts its dynamic NFT on OpenSea. this work relates to the artist’s idea of issuing money and continues to explore the constructed relationships of banking, contracts, and the functioning of society, wandering through the culture outlined by the image and its metaphors. In turn, the referenced logo dynamic NFT becomes a tangible object that can be traded for online distribution.

刘嘉颖 (2)_s
Crypto ZR
CryptoZR (Liu Jiaying), previously served as Chief Product Designer of Global SNS in the internat...