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PrivateCurrency ZR01_web
Location: L2-B-13

Private Currency ZR

The artist issues a cryptocurrency under the personal codename “ZR” and promises to buy it back after one year at its original price, as a credit creation process.

Once issued, ZR can be freely circulated on the market.

Currency, tokens. The artist wants this to be a presentation of value under the traditional concept of money, in the form of an online token, which, as a result of the circulation of transactions, confirms the contractual relationship between the issuer and the purchaser through the means of credit and redemption, thus constituting a cycle of issuance, pledge and contractual relationship.

The ZR acts as a proxy for the identity of the artist, becoming a materialization of the virtual anonymous identity of the web, and the real body of the real world artist in the online world.

The token issuance based on the Ethereum, the exploration of value and uniqueness, the expansion under the sociological dimension, can all be seen as a synthesis of its artistic logical thinking.

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Crypto ZR
CryptoZR (Liu Jiaying), previously served as Chief Product Designer of Global SNS in the internat...