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Location: L2-C-01

Plant planet

The design of this project aims to explore the mutual relationship between the body and plants, present the breathing, reproduction, and cognition of plants from the perspective of the microscope, emphasize diversified wearable and future fashion, and recreate future plant aesthetics in the context of body wearable. By combining with narrative space, the designer and animator adopt “digital wizardry” and use Welcome to My Planet as a clue to create the conceptual atmosphere into a multi-media space, telling the audience the fantasy story that humans travel through time and space and explore the plant-planet.

The design project adopts 3D animation production and rendering technology to present the narrative background. With the help of virtual reality technology, the viewers’ sense of experience can be enhanced. By wearing a VR helmet, the experiencer walks into the “virtual planet” space constructed by three-dimensional drawings of jewelry through the digital avatar of a human astronaut. The jewelry model can be enlarged, stacked, raised and reassembled like a plant building growing on a virtual planet, and the experiencer can even run inside the model to enhance sensory impact. The multi-dimensional experience of design works is extended with the help of digital technology, providing inspiration for the multi-media expression of future fashion.

Song Yi
As an associate professor of Digital Media Art at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, I devo...
Du Jinzhi
As a lecturer at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, 3D artist, and animation director, I ob...
Liu Chang
Lecturer of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, interdisciplinary designer, graduated from C...