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oriental spiritual tattoo

In such a grand oriental art world, this sea is still bottomless, but I have enough oxygen and found my way. Even when it gets dark in front of me, I keep following the same direction, exploring, and I believed someday I could touch the pearl buried in the seabed. I also firmly believe that I can carry this pearl back to the horizon, and then show the beauty of tattoos and show the beauty of the East.

Story of Raven sky dog learns ——《鸦天狗授艺源义经》
Following the failure of the emperor Chongde’s power struggle, the authority’s forces were also divided into two, and there was a confrontation between the two groups of Ping and yuanjiayu. When the Yuanjia family was defeated, their family fled either dead or dead. Niu ruowan’s mother fled with Niu Ruo and Niu ruo’s two brothers. Later, she turned herself in because of Ping’s coercion. Ping’s head, pingqingsheng, was greedy for beauty, so he took Niu ruo’s mother as his concubine and pardoned Niu Ruo. A few years later, her mother remarried and Niu Ruo was sent to the Anma temple to practice. It is said that one night, Niu Ruo sneaked out of the temple and met the monster “crow Tiangou” with high martial arts in sengzheng Valley (sengzheng Valley). Later, Niu Ruo often fled to Tiangou to learn martial arts at night. The abbot of Dongguang square was shocked when he found that Niu Ruo was not only hiding at night to learn art, but also plotting to overthrow the flat family. Although he wanted to force Niu Ruo to become a monk, Niu Ruo refused. Finally, he first called it “the king of cover”, and ordered Niu Ruo to study quietly and forget the world. Since then, Yuanyi Sutra has learned high-strength martial arts. Later, he led the children of Yuanjia family to fight back against Ping family, and finally regained the position of central court. It is known as “Kamakura God of war” in history.

Story of big sky dog slaughters —— 《崇德天皇化身大天狗》
Nie chaoheng’s series of works “emperor Chongde turns into a big sky dog” in history, the persecuted emperor Chongde had to call his nephew his father as soon as he was born. Later, he was exiled to Zanqi in the struggle to seize power at the court. In order to get the amnesty of the imperial power, he copied Scriptures for the court during his exile, but he was not forgiven until his death. Chongde collapsed in the eighth year of exile, threw the Scriptures written in blood into the sea, bit his tongue and killed himself. Then he turned into one of the three monsters in Japan, saying “kill the people for the king and kill the king for the people”. Tiangou caused chaos in the world, which can be seen from the thunder of eating the moon. Since then, Japan has fallen into 700 years of war.

Cranes —— 《鹤》
“Nie chaoheng’s series of works – “”crane”” is a symbol of longevity, so there is the saying of “”immortal”” crane. People often draw cranes and tall and vigorous ancient pines together as a symbol of longevity. In some ancient legends in the East, the crane falls from the sky to seek “”elixir”” for the fairy child, which is also the symbol of the crane’s blessing.
The crane symbolizes happiness, auspiciousness and longevity in China! Plum blossom symbolizes a gentleman, strong and modest. When the two are put together, they can be expressed in a sentence in the book of songs, “”happiness is only a gentleman, and longevity is boundless.”

True snake —— 真蛇
Master Nie’s series works – true snake. He is in a more demonized state of Prajna. Unlike Prajna, he has no ears, which means he can’t listen to any advice. The navel is the center of our human energy. It is the only organ connected with our mother. The tattoo created with the whole body as the composition can show the structure and strength of the human body.

Nie Chaoheng
With a genuine love for oriental aesthetics, I explore and define my own style. Based on body com...