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Location: 106-G-09

O~~~,I’m feeling good:) When the cloud snuggles up to me

Mobile Phone Painting Series: 2015.4.14-Present

Since Apr 14, 2015, I have been doing finger drawing on the touchscreen of my cellphone and sharing such works via WeChat Moments every day. The “work” soon became my daily routine, since it brings me the happiness and excitement of art creation as well as some time to spend alone despite my daily hustle and bustle. As I do such work with my cellphone, which is essentially a part of my EDC (Every Day Carry), I can be rather adaptable to various work environments, e.g. buses, underground, taxis, cafés, restaurants, classrooms, hospitals, curbsides, my living room, and sometimes the couch in my studio. The routine has been well-maintained even when I was away from home, either for work or trip, as it has become the “visual log” of my life. The themes of those drawings vary from the sketching of common things in life, reminiscence of specific scenarios, peculiar expressions of my instant feelings, and the abstractive imagination of my life.

Liu Yi
Liu Yi
Artist, Associate Professor, Public art curator Researcher of Institute for Public Art (IPA), ...