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Location: 106-L-99

Lucky Devil Cat

Creation time: 2020
Description of the work: A statue of a “”lucky cat”” was found in the cultural relics of the Southern and Northern Dynasties unearthed in Xi’an more than 1,600 years ago. Duan Chengshi’s “”Youyang Zazu”” in the Tang Dynasty once wrote: “”The cat has washed its face and its ears will come.”” , the ancient cat has the function of attracting wealth. Thousands of years later, the Lucky Devil Cat in my painting is wearing a big trendy necklace, baseball cap, and holding a skateboard, which is an unconventional image. Its cool shape is to hope that people can redefine wealth. People’s pursuit of finance is essentially that money can satisfy their desires. If they want to explore deeper, it is an appeal for “”happiness and happiness””. Today’s young people do things, money is no longer the only purpose, more concerned about whether the event itself likes or loves. This is a new understanding of wealth for young people. “”Happiness is Wealth”” The Devil Cat attracts not only money, but also fun and love. This is also one of the spirits of the times that the work “”Lucky Devil Cat”” wants to convey. May we all live for what we love , the devil cat devours negative energy!

Yu Hi
Yu hi, born in Dashio, China, in 1985, graduated from Jilin Art Institute majoring in visual comm...