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Location: L2-C-06

Light shadows of bamboo

Digital and virtual technologies have had varying degrees of impact and change on traditional design in the areas of means of realisation, presentation and consumer services. This work focuses on the study of parametric pattern generation methods, combined with virtual fashion, virtual show and NFT collections to explore the integration of the virtual fashion industry chain from design, realisation to the consumer side.

Patterns are an important part of textile and fashion design. Traditional patterns are mainly hand-drawn, and although they can reflect the rich emotion and skill of the draughtsman, the process is relatively time-consuming depending on the complexity of the pattern. This work uses computer-aided technology, processing code, and parametric design to redefine the tools and methods of pattern making, by adjusting the parameters of the individual elements within each layer (number of elements, maximum and minimum area, coordinates, XY axis division, rotation angle, etc.) to produce different effects. The embedding of the “randomness command” allows for the rapid output of the pattern, creating a unique screen layout each time the interface is refreshed. Designers and consumers can name and save the output patterns they are satisfied with based on their own aesthetic perceptions. The pattern output includes the more common image formats such as jpg and png, making it easy to transform and print the design products later.

Wei Qinwen
Executive Director of Virtual Fashion Direction, School of Fashion Accessory, Beijing Institute o...