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降临 直径120cm 布面丙烯 2021
Location: 106-L-87

I saw that

In the works of artist Li Sheng,everybody is rolling his eyes. He is more willing to use “”I saw that”” to explain the interpretation of “contempt” or “disgust”.

If all the beings and behaviors that are suspended will be judged only as “good” or “evil” and be judged only by others, how comes our self-consistent,how can we make agreement with ourselves.He believes that contemporary young people should grow up on their own, hold the decisive power they should have in this era, examine their beliefs, find the things they truly love,feel the courage to live a true life, and gain appropriate self-esteem.As he said:””Maybe we seem hapy and proud when we walk on the road,just please don’t block our sunshine, we are experiencing pain in our ways.

Li Sheng
Li Sheng, male, born in 1984, artist and curator,the director of “Urban Art Changsha”...