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Location: 106-L-128

Head Hunting

“Wake up call project: These five digital illustrations were I did for an advertising company as recruitment poster, and I made that animation for my own purpose. The concept of these posters are based on the function of these posters – head hunting, so I straightforward created these heads and all served in dishes. I designed how they look like to match different work positions, like the guy who wearing a thick glasses and has lots of bears is a technician, the girl wearing a fancy sunglasses is working for the social department. The elements in the background are all related to their works, I have talked to people from each these department and learned property of their works and put all these together to create these five eye-attractive posters.
Ballpen hand drew first and scan them, do the line work with Illustrator and Photoshop to color it. I used five colors as each main color and also keep in the series and afterward, I also picked some of them did color test. Music has always been one of my hobbies, but also the music was the source of inspiration for this animation, I would like to translate my illustrations into the music video, such as Papercut (Gray remix) by Zedd ft. Troye Sivan and THE ROAD by ALB. I chose Awake by Tyco – one of my favorite songs as the background music and start animate.”

Ban. C
Independent artist.