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For historical reasons, the widespread influence of comics on Chinese society was slowed down until the 21 % century. Most of the members of the “Cartoon Generation” led by Huang Yihan were born in the 1970s. They grew up under the influence of the cartoon culture and are mostly concerned with the lives of urban youths. The young artists, writers, poets, musicians of the Cartoon generation currently like to gather at the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy. Huang Yihan in 1992 suggested that the definition of Cartoon Generation should be: the generation of creators born after the New China generation (born in the late 1950s and 19&0s). They are a generation that came of age with the age of Chinese television, popular cartoon culture and the commodity economy. In terms time frame, the Cartoon Generation was born from the late 1970s to the late 1980s; that is. at an intrinsic level, they have the greatest 朴°l 出 with the authors aninamix.The authors vi ew is that comics and animation have had a century of stormy development and evolved into a graphic language system that mankind in the new century acknowledges and uses to communicate with. It is an extra-1anguage language that conveys thoughts and ideas through pictures. It is suitable for all ages, has become a profound topic of aesthetic study and absolutely cannot be defined by the simple designation of year of birth.

Chen Fei
Chen Fei1972 Born in Guangdong province,China. Presently works and lives in Beijing & Guangzh...