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G1.0.6.2 (The Toilet Paper)
Location: 106-L-77

G1.0.6.2 (The Toilet Paper)

What I am most interested in is not the graffiti itself, but the replacement of old and new graffiti coverage, the traces of rain erosion and weathering on the wall, the passage of time, and the relationship between all this and the surrounding environment and even the whole city… Everywhere I go, I pay attention to the graffiti on the street and their stories. Their visual experience is completely different from the traditional art works in the museum. When I was creating, I felt that my identity was constantly switching back and forth between graffiti, onlookers and recorders. The content of graffiti is no longer important. They become symbols, lines and colors.
In 2012, I was 21 years old and went to New York for the first time. It’s just the legal age for drinking in the United States. So my local friends took me to the bar. When I went to the toilet, I found that not only the buildings on the street were full of graffiti, but the indoor toilet was the place with the most dense graffiti. I began to be fascinated by the complicated colors and light and shadow in the toilet. Although it sounds strange. Gradually, toilets and some confined spaces have become my favorite subjects in addition to streets and buildings. The scale of my painting is usually very large, and when depicting the toilet, it is often a little larger than the real object, or even several times as large as the real object. This makes me feel a lot more happy about graffiti, and the picture is more abstract and written.

Roy Xuanrong Chen
Chen Xuanrong, born in 1991 in Zhangzhou, Fujian, obtained his bachelor degree in Printing Painti...