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Location: 106-L-160

Flesh Reflection

The co-molding of biotechnology and computers has brought mankind into a new stage of evolution. We will eventually usher in a situation that the boundary between life and death is blurred by biological technology; the boundary between human and machine brought by technological planting is confused; the body’s subjectivity is not clear and the perception is lacking due to the symbiosis of real and virtual identities.

The work consists of an artificial organism installation and a sensor garment. At the exhibition, the subtle changes in the wearer’s body movements, emotion and physiological reactions are accurately sensed by the sensor module, which then triggers the installation and the entire spatial field to feedback mechanical dynamics, sound, and video. At this moment, a certain perceptual resonance has been reached between the artificial organism installation, the space environment and the human body. To a certain extent, they both serve as the extension medium of the physical perception dimension, and also become the reflection of the self-body.

The technology of dissipating embodied is transformed into a medium for reshaping the perception of the body, in order to game and question the situation of dependented body and disembodiment in the post-human context: If smart technology brings human beings on the verge of missing physical body and flesh experience return to it and wake up again?

Daheng Liu
Daheng Liu was born in Yantai, China, in January 1993. He graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Ar...
Yongjian Su
Yongjian Su was born in Guangxi, China in June 1994.  He studied at Central Academy of Fine ...