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Location: L2-C-09

Fashion Show In Extended Reality

The Fashion Show In Extended Reality project is based on the Extended Reality technology, through the real-time rendering of the photosensitive tracking system and the graphics engine. Real-time switching of multiple scenes, real-time changes of clothing and light and shadow colors. This virtual fashion show attempts to bring an immersive and innovative experience of online and offline integration.

Through the systematic research and development and application of XR virtual technology, this project uses a software platform for online visual effects preview, offline show real-time synchronous rendering and immersive construction, bringing an immersive scene and feel of digital interaction. In the future, this project will continue the synchronous interaction between real models and digital virtual models, the change and replacement of real models and digital clothing modules, and the simultaneous transformation of digital assets of clothing products in dynamic shows, so as to create a diversified and sustainable development of digital fashion.

He Shuang
A doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, a double master’s de...