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Location: 106-L-18

Enjoying the moment

2 ” Enjoying the Moment”
The inspiration for this painting comes from two time and space: one is the memory of my life by the lake in summer, and the other is the butterfly-tailed goldfish enclosed in a small space like me. …to borrow a paragraph of my description of abstraction: “Once a picture is formed, it is a real existence, and abstraction does not mean painting an incomprehensible or only strange and uncertain or rare thing on the subject matter, these are not abstractions. ; And it is exactly “who is thinking abstractly”; it is poetic in the picture, which gives enough imagination space, and can touch the soul without words; therefore, in my definition, there is a big difference between symbols and abstraction, that is, abstraction What touches the heart is what the symbol touches is the sight.”

Ye Lan
Yelan began studying ink and mineral color painting in middle school while also receiving a weste...