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数字艺术《情绪日志》系列_EmoLog 2021.05.14《情绪日志》系列_EmoLog 2021.05.14
Location: 106-H-01


Data Generated Image
Dimension variable 2021

EmoLog is a series of image logs generated from the artist’s daily emotional data, which may come from a street encounter, a moment of inexplicable melancholy, or may be influenced by various events around him, whether it is panic about the COVID-19 or disappointment about the US election; these meaningless emotional data are “objectively” collected by the artist using heart rate collection devices.

“Through emotional algorithms and visualization tools, the artist began to generate a log of his daily emotions. Unlike a personal diary, a journal is not subject to the sway of object consciousness, nor does it lose its original state through artificial writing. The data will bypass experience, upbringing and language, and penetrate directly into the body, giving birth to images without permission; this log is not subjective, nor necessarily objective; it appears virtual, but is inextricably entwined with each real day.

Fei Jun
FEI, JUN Professor, Doctoral supervisor, Art + Technology program, School of Design, Central A...