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Location: 106-C-01

Creator in the temporal dimension

In the metaverse, if we can switch bodies and genders, could the communication between multiple consciousnesses in the virtual world become purer?

“Creator in the temporal dimension” is the product of collaboration with Professor Feng, a chiral molecular scientist. Scientists use catalysts to change chiral molecules, which are persistent attempts to investigate uncertainty. There is some interesting overlapping with the asymmetric creation of Eve in Adam by God. Using an antique 1640 German cast iron sculpture of Eden, the artist uses computer algorithms to generate new Adams, Eves, and other digital creatures. It is an attempt to observe the laws of the world, including the possibility of a Metaverse, by connecting the multi-dimensional “creator’s timeline”. The work integrates porcelain document devices with video and new media touch screen interactions to speculate, artistically, about the world before and after Eve as well as its unknown future. Scientific thinking is an enlightening force not only because of its understanding of molecular compositions, but also because it determines the intersubjective relationship and order in the future Metaverse.

Xue Lei
New media project director, Guest professor of Renmin University, Professor of  ESCAC ...