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Location: L2-D-04


As the environment of Earth gets worse and worse, coral species code-named “CLOUDS” which for hundreds of millions of years, have lived in the mysterious and dark deep ocean, they are the most human-like creatures that have been discovered so far. 11% are exactly the same as human genes.
As beings who exist on Earth as humans, their mission is to explore the space suitable for human beings in other cosmic galaxies on behalf of humans.
On January 1, 2021, CLOUDS embarked on the journey of outer space exploration, they collected and screened samples of rare creatures from the space of cosmic universe, in the special space of the biological farm. After long-term careful cultivation and data recording, they will synchronously send the biological samples suitable for human consumption back to the base of a planned farm in Chongming Island of Shanghai, and to carry out further optimization and cultivation of new species in the region.

“CLOUDS” and the three elements of seeds, cells, and cosmic planets all have the structural characteristics of “egg-shaped and ovate”, which are full of vitality and allegorical rebirth. I expect my works of art to be so flexible and vital to combine into a new imaginative desire of the future world. And I also wish that artwarks will inspire the childlike innocence and love of everyone’s innermost. Thus, coming to Revere the Nature · Love the Earth · Protect the Ecology.Think more about the future of humanity.

Ying Jingjing
ARTISTYing JingjingBorn in 1986 in Zhejiang Province, China,works and lives in Berlin,Paris,New...