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Location: 106-F-02

Bug History

Bug History is an ongoing NFT project, by a group of real-life Web3 enthusiastic folks, who decided to work together to create a new way of recording human history.

Every day, we collect, discuss, and creat an NFT based on real-world news and mint the most valuable event on polygon. We aim to record the things that would shape the development of human society.

Owning a Bug History will not only make you the witness of history but will allow you to vote and participate in community-driven features, products, and online events. This makes our roadmap cooperative and will allow history holders to help the founders decide on it, including how we spend our community wallet, and how to manage our DAO.

What is Bug history?

A social experiment

A new way to record and report news

A DAO for those who want to witness and participate in history

The future continues…