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Location: 106-L-63

boundary of order


Just like a child exploring the unknown world, a boundary is an existence to be constantly breached. Breaking, re-shaping, and breaking again, boundaries loom over us clearly and indistinctly. On the day when the virus came, everything seemed to stop. At this moment, the boundary looked like a peaceful lake that wrapped in the turbulent underwater. Are you still living in this physical world? Or have you been used to the madness of the meta-universe? Alas, The order that must be followed, where is it? Does it still work well?

AFr: -31->-31 A=99.40 d'=3.18m
Elvis Liao(Liao Shangyong)
2021 Hangzhou Art EXPO 2020 PhotoBeiJing,China 2019 National Palac...