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Location: 106-C-02


This is a shackled and inflated digital creature in the modern society. It is an excellent expression of various states in which people constantly struggle to achieve balance against the pressure and liberation in an age when technologies supersede each other in rapid speed. The tactile quality, forms, and movements of bondbomb are generated by computer algorithms. On one hand, it challenges the standards of the physical world. On the other, it supplements the communication and interaction between man and machine with the help of computer logic.

In the NFT community, a large number of pictures and videos of bondbomb will be recreated, a form of participatory art. At the same time, the real porcelain device and touch-screen interaction integrates with this NFT community culture in real time. Regardless of its creation being a faithful act of mimesis or through multi-dimensional clashes, like the source of sound waves, bondbomb finds its resonances and rebounds at all levels in virtuality or reality.

Xue Lei
New media project director, Guest professor of Renmin University, Professor of  ESCAC ...