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Location: 106-L-33

Asian Beauty Series

For the generation of mine who grew up in the rapidly developing information age after
the Opening-up and Reform of China, animation, computer game, television, computer
and the internet are the common experience
In the information age, the new information restructured after repetitive quoting, collag-
ing and rereading would be much more complicated or even misrepresentative compared
to the frst-hand message. The piling up and fast spreading of information in the current
era has helped to foster the fast food culture. However, the bustling scenes, glamorous
dresses, emotional stories in today’s world are, in essence, no more than calm and cold
images formed by pixel blocks.
My paintings are composed of numerous 3D pixel cubes made of piling up pigments with
various colors. I enjoy such a complicated process of making things by hand. The inter-
twined lines on the paintings of mine imply confnement, helplessness and denial. The
pixel-centered approach to create a mosaic effect is the signature style of my works, in
which I intend to imitate the process of making images so as to break people’s reliance on
the delusional effect of image.

Asian beauty-1, 120X180cm, oil painting on wood 2007

Asian beauty-2,120X180cm, oil painting on wood, 2007

Game-pillows battle,140X90cm, oil painting on wood, 2007

Good girls-flowers, 140X180cm, oil painting on wood, 2012

Game- Gun battle, 160X90cm, oil painting on wood, 2007

Tao Na
Tao Naborn on December 31,1980 .Working in Beijing.Graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Art...