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WAR oil a
Location: 106-L-98

Another self

Multiverse dimension of interpretation in another parallel world of self, each picture is more than just the timeline of a node, a flash, a cross section, but the one door to the multidimensional world, side Windows, is not only a picture, but a through history the future mixed joins a fantasy magic book, come and go freely in it. Aura with the leading role “”of”” the image of the artist: self character shape again, happy feeling powerful and unconstrained style, sense of sorrow, a sense of humor, with particular structure and unique way of poking fun at the bizarre social landscape, analyzes the human nature, show be consumption desire!!! Self examination, digestion, critical…

The lies, somewhere else, it’s human nature! Ignore, no smell, boring, silence, don’t, don’t, don’t listen to, do not see, their ears, filling the leng… Within self ridicule, meditation, wake up the constant words! Series in the form of digital new media, analyze the self on the depth of human nature of the world, criticism, irony, playful bizarre present again!

zzOf the new media digital artist, graduated from central academy of fine arts, the combination o...