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AgDaySpace farmers’market
Location: L2-D-03

AgDay: Space farmers’ market

The background of this work focuses on an ordinary day at the Space farmers market in the fictional universe. The multi-dimensional agricultural trade has finally entered the public through the live broadcast of the farm trade channel. The Space farmers market has unique products from different planets because it is a place that contains complex business opportunities. It has a more mature environment than any other planet, a more competitive trade war than any other stock exchange, and even a more stunning spectacle than nature. Here is the intersection of technology and space agriculture. This meta-universe farm brings a utopian and idyllic life where everyone can become a farmer.

Born in 1998, he is a visual artist and designer with an interdisciplinary background from clothi...
Chen Xi
Artist, Curator, Founder of One Ton Project. Double bachelor’s degree in graphic design and...