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Who is Satoshi
Location: 106-J-04

₿, Who is Satoshi

The artists use the faces of all the world’s major fiat currencies as the tuning data, and the open source portraits of the world’s population as the base training set, to regenerate the non-existent portraits through GAN – the changing money faces may be the “face” of Satoshi, the founder of Bitcoin, who remains anonymous outside the blockchain technology industry. Money faces will be combined with the sound of mining machine fans and a decade of Bitcoin/Ethernet exchange rate data changes to synthesize sound, in the form of NFTs to spread on Ether, each transaction will trigger an echo effect, the wallet address that sells the NFT will get a sound-damaged version of work and one piece of Satoshi face NFT. The work transposes sound itself and its propagation properties in physical space to the digital world. While exploring the unknown “spatial” boundaries of the metaverse, the work integrates the old and new monetary transaction systems, hoping to cause the viewer to rethink collectivism and “centrality”. The economic system is the link of communication, the chain used by the social space to build itself. The echoes triggered when voices spread in the invisible space of the metaverse are the “consensus” responses given by blockchain technology to the participants, which will also help them construct the identity perception of the metaverse again. This is also one of the implications of exploring “spatial awareness” in the digital world.

Fei Li
Li Fei
Rewards:2019 14th Venis Arsenale Arte Laguna prize nominated;2019 British Mullen Lowe NOVA awar...