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Of the new media digital artist, graduated from central academy of fine arts, the combination of the present reality, fix attention on in the past, look to the future, “””” of the virtual image, covering digital painting, images, ideas, devices, etc. Looking forward to more of the “”tide”” art present again!
2008 (start-up of rabbit rabbit) on the map of MYSPACE. CN (Beijing)
2009 (version of evolution of rabbit rabbit) combustion network MYSPACE. CN (Beijing)
2010 (AAC) festival unseeable (Beijing)
2010 the third session of the may fourth international youth art festival 798 Asia art center (Beijing)
About the July of 2011 “””” wto-day order solo UATown (Beijing)
Benetton art project Beijing 2012 art gallery door (Italy)
“”We”” 1994-2013-2013 Chinese songzhuang artists cluster 20th anniversary exhibition songzhuang art museum (Beijing)
2013 weibo your world – the second contemporary art exhibitions in songzhuang art museum (Beijing)
Linyi linyi 2014 international art exhibitions international conference and exhibition center (linyi)
The power of the 2015 new college young artists exhibition art space (Beijing) no. 1
2015 enlightenment, young artist of 798 he art space (Beijing)
New media art invitational exhibition of 2015 China international art culture fair NongZhanGuan (Beijing)

  1. The edge of the contemporary art invitational exhibition gallery (songzhuang) big river (Beijing)
    Art Hi21 new art market Beijing, 2016 Hi bright maqiao official residence (Beijing)
    2016 drunken Art • Particles Wine Meets Art at Particles garden Beijing sanlitun Particles (Beijing)
    2016 art in the future, 2016 (zhongshan) the third 囯 international youth art exhibition
    Songzhuang art museum built hall 10th anniversary exhibition 2016 songzhuang art museum (Beijing)
    2017 spectroscopy taihang, series of experimental behavior art activities taihang mountains, Jiang Fushan yesterday (Beijing)
    2017 images of individual definition twelve show grace to museum (Beijing)
    2017 cloud want to the Great Wall on the top of the performance art art experiment (the behavior of the art scene) nine eye building the Great Wall (Beijing)
    2017 “”contemporary art”” (the behavior of the art scene) pick up space in Beijing (Beijing)
    Kwangju gallery Beijing 2018 creative center 10 times in studios open exhibition hall (the behavior of the art scene)
    Gwangju gallery Beijing center (Beijing)
    2018 ma will be contemporary art exhibition in Beijing (the behavior of the art performance) Beijing m (Beijing)