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Zhao Qian

Resume of “”Zhao Qian””
Born in 1981 in Guangdong
In 2003, he graduated from the printmaking department of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree
He graduated from the printmaking department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and obtained a master of Arts degree
He has been teaching in the printmaking department of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts since September 2008
2014-2015 visiting scholar of University of Wyoming
From September 2017 to now, he has been studying for a doctorate in creative industry in the school of management of Taipei practical University
Now he is a lecturer of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts

In March 2017, the work “”originally nothing”” won the bronze award of the first Guangdong University printmaking Institute exhibition and Zhuhai Guyuan Art Museum
In February 2014, Elegy won the bronze medal of the third Greater China Illustration Award – the best animation and new media Illustration Award in China, Hong Kong
In February 2012, the work “”is our world distorted”” won the second greater China Illustration Award – judge selection award, Hong Kong
In October 2008, the animated work “”dreamer”” won the bronze award of non narrative short film category in the 2008 National College Students’ original animation competition

Solo exhibition:
“”At the end of the rainbow”” tour
August 2015 clay paper scissor Gallery, Cheyenne, USA
September 2015 Noyes arts garage, Atlantic City, USA
October 2015 1920c Gallery, San Francisco, USA

September 2019 the 13th National Art Exhibition Printmaking Exhibition, Sichuan Art Museum, Chengdu
In November 2018, “”the teacher’s world is full of Splendor”” — the invitation exhibition of excellent works of teachers in national art colleges and universities, China Art Palace, Shanghai
In June 2018, Lu Xun 2.0 was selected into the first Lu Xun Print Exhibition, Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing
In August 2017, the printmaking work “”Weiba”” was selected into the 22nd national Printmaking Exhibition, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia
In September 2016, the wheels go round and round, a printmaking work, was selected into the first International College printmaking alliance invitation exhibition, Beijing Taimiao Art Museum
December 2015 joint exhibition: Sketch engraving exhibition of mainland and Macao artists, Macao
In November 2015, Elegy was selected into the first national illustrated art exhibition, Guangzhou
In May 2015, “”gathering of artists monoprint 2015″” independent print workshop and exhibition, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA
In September 2014, the cartoon Jingyang was selected into the 12th National Art Exhibition, comprehensive painting and animation exhibition area, Jiaxing, Zhejiang
42nd Annual SGC International Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco, USA, March 2014
In March 2014, the woodcut illustration series eagle and girl was selected in the “”spotlight on reading”” exhibition, Bologna International Children’s book exhibition, Italy
In October 2013, the woodcut work eagle and girl was selected into the 20th National Print Exhibition, Harbin
In November 2012, the series of works “”paste”” was selected into the works exhibition of the 11th National College printmaking creation and teaching annual conference, Guangzhou
In October 2011, his works “”the sound of a gun in Zhabei”” and “”Elegy”” were selected into “”people · illustration · life”” – the first national college illustration art exhibition
In May 2011, karakala was selected in the 5th Guangdong Print Exhibition, Zhanjiang, Guangdong
March 2011 joint exhibition: heart image – the current vision of local printmakers, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou
The 10th Guangxi University edition of Tiger Mountain painting in November 2010 was selected
In May 2009, the work insomnia was selected into the 9th National Third Edition exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing
May 2009 Guangdong Youth printmaker Nomination Exhibition, Guangzhou