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Zhao Bozuo


ZHAO BOZUO     Director/Creative Director

Educational Background:

 The Central Academy of Fine Arts received a bachelor’s degree & master’s degree.

 Doctor of Creative Industry, School of Management, USC Taiwan  Shih Chien University.

Main experiences:

From 2007 to 2009, he participated in the production of many TV dramas as production designer;

From 2009 to 2013, he served as the planning director and project manager of Crystal Digital Technology.

Participate in new media projects such as Shanghai World Expo, London Olympic Games, Beijing Central Axis Application Exhibition, and Colorful Yunnan Digital Exhibition Hall; From 2013 to 2014, he worked in Singapore PICO and served as the director of China Design Center;

From 2015 to 2019, he served as CEO and advertising director of Beijing Dakai Film Culture Media Co., Ltd.;

Since 2019, GuruLab has been co-founder and director and creative director.

Service Brand:

Coca-Cola China, Ant Financial, Huawei, Xiaomi, Netease, JD.COM, Meituan, Baidu, Iflytek, Tencent Video, 360, Lenovo, Gome, vivo, oppo, Procter & Gamble, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai Motor, BYD, Lingke Automobile, Youxin Used Car, Xuebajun, Good Future, Enterprise WeChat, Youdao Excellent Course, Learning and Thinking Online School, etc.

Style Characteristics:

Good at digging the laughter or tears in the real feelings of real characters. The film presents two completely different ways, either simple and touching or humorous sand sculpture. Both extreme styles are derived from the pursuit of the real power of images!

Award Winning Experience:

In 2008, he won the Bronze Award of the second Chinese college student animated short film “Non-narrative short film”;

In 2008, he won the second “Animation Carnival” Excellence Award from the Central Academy of Fine Arts;

In 2008, he won the 8 th “College Award” finalist award;

Wocom Digital Scholarship for Excellent Graduation Design in 2011; 2017 SocialBeta Best Commercial Advertising Nomination Award; In 2018, China Advertising Golden Lion Award won the Best Social Marketing Award;

In 2019, he was selected as one of the top ten creators of the new studio;

In 2019, he won the Best Advertising and Best Animation Award at Milan International Film Festival;

In 2020, he won the Best Short Film Award and the Best Animation Award at the London International Film Festival;

In 2020, he won the 20 th IAI International Advertising Award _ Silver Award for Film and Television Promotional Film;

In 2020, he won the Golden Lion International Advertising Film Award _ Silver Award for Best Advertising Film in Network Technology;

In 2020, he won the Golden Jubilee Award _ Best Video Content Award;

In 2020, he won the Best Short Film Award at Madrid International Film Festival;

The 45th Toronto International Film Festival and the 2nd China Film Festival in 2020;

In 2020, he was invited to Shanyi International Women’s Film Exhibition _ Crossing Fashion Unit Exhibition;

In 2020, he won the Antwerp International Film Festival in Belgium, the most potential director award and the best foreign language short film award;

In 2020, it won the effie awards of Greater China _ short-listed in three categories: small budget service, cultural marketing and corporate reputation;

In 2020, he won the Golden Angel Award of the China-US Film Festival _ Chinese Culture Communication Award;

Invited to the 33rd China Film Golden Rooster Award _ Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Unit Exhibition in 2020.