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Yu Hi

Yu hi, born in Dashio, China, in 1985, graduated from Jilin Art Institute majoring in visual communication, studied art management at Parsons, New York, and now lives in Shenzhen. Ranked 61st in the world in the “”2021 International Trend Artist Ranking””.
The themes of the works are mostly fashion trends, dramatic conflicts, and strange experiments. Using the same IP as the transmission carrier of his various life insights and whimsy, he creates his own artistic context with simple abstraction, unique vision, bright color matching, and bold creativity, and firmly realizes it. The dream of Chinese contemporary IP artists. In 2013, he founded the original trendy animation brand “”Devil Cat® Zombies Cat””, with the goal of creating a world-class super IP for China. Devil Cat derivatives have been authorized for more than 100 categories, the total product sales have exceeded one billion, the number of offline cooperative physical stores is nearly 10,000, and there are nearly 100 self-built high-end shopping mall chain IP theme stores. It is the original IP with the most growth momentum in China. .