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Yi Shan

Contemporary artists
Consultant of Sichuan Academy of poetry, calligraphy and painting
Consultant of Sichuan Sculpture Society

Award winning experience
“Best artist” award of the first Ulaanbaatar International Art Festival in Mongolia
“Contemporary ink Innovation Award” in the second Asian Art Festival in New York, USA
Nomination Award for the third Argentina International Biennial of Contemporary Art
France was awarded the gold award by the United Nations Public Welfare Alliance

Curatorial experience
2021 lateritic land · the second field Biennale (Zigong)
2019 “the first digital painting experimental art exhibition”
In 2019, “art revitalizing Yi new village” entered the United Nations exhibition
2018 “watch the hometown” Guang’an field Biennale

Solo exhibition experience
2021 digital logic – Yishan digital art exhibition, landing Art Museum, Chengdu
2021 “bug” — Yishan digital landscape exhibition, Hushen Gallery, Shanghai
2021 art 3.0 – Yishan digital landscape exhibition, Yindi Art Museum, Beijing
2020 twining art twin cities solo exhibition (Beijing, Basel)
2016 “Lingjing Yishan electronic Abstract experiment Exhibition” Hangzhou Fanyun art space
2016 “happy password: Yishan electronic Abstract Hand Painting Academic Exhibition” Chongqing independent image art space

Group exhibition experience
2021 digital artist group exhibition fantasy art space (Beijing)
2021 “meeting in Tokyo · modern art exhibition”
In 2019, the digital painting “Yi style” series of “art revitalizing the new village of Yi family” entered the UNESCO headquarters Exhibition (Paris)
2019 “the first digital painting experimental art exhibition”
2018 Pingyao International Sculpture Festival
2018 Turkey International Photography Exhibition
2018 Mongolia UB International Art Festival
2018 Digital Line Art Salon Exhibition at the Grand Palace of France
In 2017, digital painting, digital sculpture and digital animation participated in the 57th Venice Art Biennale
The third Argentina International Biennial of contemporary art in 2016
2015 double exhibition of “post ink and post ink” in Florence, Italy
2014 second Asian Art Festival Exhibition in New York and exhibition at UN headquarters

Digital sculpture donation experience
Former president of France in 2019; Sculpture “digital children”
2019 sculpture of the former president of Venice University of architecture “peak 3”
2019 sculpture “dancer” by former French Minister of culture
2019 Congo Brazzaville large sculpture dancer
2019 Senegal large sculpture “digital children”
2019 DRC large sculpture “snail”
2018 Mongolian large-scale sculpture Datong world
2018 Chengdu Tianfu new area large-scale sculpture peak II
2017 Shanghai Baolong Art Museum sculpture large sculpture “red and black”
2017 Milan Foundation large sculpture “couple sculpture”
2017 Venice Marco Polo Academy of art large sculpture “growth totem”
2017 Paris science and Technology Museum large sculpture “through the brain”
One of 2017 San Marino’s large-scale sculpture “peak”
In 2017, the former director of the Italian Cultural Center sculpted “peak 3”
Mr. Yishan not only explored his works, but also promoted digital art in the fields of education, donation, theory and exhibition planning. He created and explored new digital art languages such as digital circle, letter line, pixel method and modeling method. He donated several digital sculptures to all over the world. He gave lectures on digital art in Sichuan Academy of fine arts and offered digital painting courses in Southwest University for Nationalities and Changjiang Normal University. He put forward the academic concept of “constructive art 3.0 (integration of art and Technology)” and published it in important media. He curated the first national digital art experimental exhibition. So as to promote Chinese digital art in multiple directions.

Relevant comments

Yishan’s digital art has refreshing originality and is the leap of new cultural life.
——Wu Weishan
(curator of China Art Museum)

Yishan has found a new kind of painting that has not existed in any era in the past, which reflects the charm of the times of digital art.
——Jia Fangzhou
(art critic, honorary chairman of the annual meeting of Chinese critics)

Yishan’s digital art is the most pertinent aesthetic expression in the information age, highlighting this new art era.
——Klaus mifers
(former curator of Hamburg Art Museum, Germany)

Starting from the spirit of ink painting, Yishan carries out digital art creation, translates amazing energy, and illuminates the road of art in the future.
(former director of the Italian Cultural Center)

Yishan relies on intuition rather than individual selfish feelings to promote his artistic process. Susan Langer pointed out that “reason is an advanced form of emotion – a specialized, intuitive and highly focused emotion.” Therefore, intuition is the most basic rational activity. This inspires us to realize that Yishan’s worship of reason and logic does not mean that he rejects emotion, but only shows that he has intelligent and advanced emotion. Accordingly, he constantly developed artistic concepts to adapt to the new era, and worked hard to explore its forms of expression. His rich practice and theoretical construction in the field of digital art not only brought his art career to a new realm, but also provided a driving force for promoting the process of Chinese art modernity. His achievements may also be a sign that Sichuan contemporary art has taken a new turn since the “local art” and “life flow”. It can be predicted that this turnaround will show great significance in the history of Chinese contemporary art with its cutting-edge attribute.
——”Emotion and logic” by Wu Zhiqiang
(Wu Yongqiang: Professor and doctoral supervisor of Sichuan University)

As a creator and experimenter active in the field of contemporary art, Yishan has experienced the jump from brush to oil painting pen and then to “digital media”, from calligraphy to painting, from “no image” to “image”, and from graphic works to spatial multi-form. In the process of this experimental creation and thinking behavior, he thinks he is an exploration individual. He provides his own visual practice content in the art world and produces the value of his relationship with the times. However, he knows that an artist can not solve all problems, and he still maintains the high enthusiasm of striving hard. He also constantly communicated with artists and critics in the art world in his creation and exhibition, carried out more systematic research on the problems on the way forward, and constantly looked for opportunities to temper the language of his works. As a result, Yishan’s works gradually began to form their own context, and constantly pursued perfection in the rhythm of rapid development. At the same time, they were also actively looking for new growth points. This may be the characteristics of the times, forming a dynamic model of “tempering and searching”. Yishan’s broad Sociological Vision and practice, as well as his experience in multiple comprehensive fields, including science and technology, literature and history, make his art practice different from those of art knowledge system from the beginning, and enter the creator of contemporary exploration, reflecting a heterogeneous state of “bug attribute”. If this attribute is “transformed” well in the contemporary world, it will show non-homogeneous differential value and bring new experience.
(Wang Meng: art critic and curator)

Digital technology has penetrated into all fields of human life. COVID-19 has accelerated the development of digital technology and deepened the degree of digital production and life; Without the achievements of digital technology, people will be unable to move. In addition to artistic creation, digital technology also has a great impact on art appreciation and collection. Relying on the way of network communication, the way of art appreciation and collection in the digital age has also undergone profound changes. In recent years, NFT (non homogeneous token) encryption technology has been used in art collection, adapting the traditional way of art collection. Yishan hopes to take advantage of the opportunity of the rapid development of digital technology and promote the upgrading of Chinese digital art through its bold innovation in digital art creation and pioneering spirit in digital art promotion.
——Duan Ting Wang
(art critic, researcher and doctoral supervisor of China Academy of Art)

From teacher Yishan’s works, we can see the consistency of language and the extension of strong aura. Looking for self-consciousness, subject consciousness, word order frame consciousness and symbolic consciousness of language structure have always been deeply hidden in his artistic attributes. From the objective level, it is always unpredictable that the nuclear fusion energy is expanding, and even the explosive force that seems difficult to control at some times is consuming the internal circulation of the visual field. More in-depth thinking is that when the aesthetic resonance between the internal aesthetic conditions and the external audience reaches the abnormal trend of nuclear convergence, its artistic language and influence can stand in a confrontation in history.
——Yang side
(Doctor of art history at Venice Academy of Fine Arts)