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Yang Qingqing

Dr. Yang Qing Qing

An eminent award winning artist, curator, and professor – Dr. Yang has been a trailblazer for new concepts in the fields of fashion and art, crossing ever new boundaries – mental and physical alike.

Yang Qing Qing began teaching at Donghua University in 1991, and soon founded the first Image-Design studio of China in 1994. In 1999, Yang went to study in Paris on a scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France for Highest Talent, where she earned the Diploma of Haute Couture from ESMODE School as well as a diploma from the Universite Grenoble 2 – Pierre Mendes France L’I.A.E. In 2014, she was awarded the medal of honor for art in France. Later, she entered the prestigious postdoctorate of the university of Quebec in Canada, with her research subject “free transformation of the senses”. She owns dozens of national patents and has won the “National Art Fund” for China. Since 2010 Yang is a professor for art and design at the Shanghai Theater Academy, teaching master degree classes and opening a contemporary art research studio.

Early on, Yang Qingqing established the concept of “Image Design” in China, which she conveyed to a broad audience as author of nineteen books, including “TransMedia Fashion”, “The Art of Image Design”, “Image Design Art”, “Tendances – Fashion in Paris”, “Flowers in Spring and Moon of Autumn” as well as the influential 14 volume “Follow-Me” book series. At the beginning of the new millennium, she started to explore the crossover from fashion to contemporary art by pioneering the concept and practice of “TransMedia” in China. She continued this theme by curating sixteen exhibitions in sixteen major cities, culminating in the show “Energy Field” in 2017 at the MoCA Shanghai, attracting the largest numbers of visitors the museum has ever recorded.

“Asia Week” has named Yang Qing Qing as one of the young men and women who have contributed most to the Asian culture in the millennium, and refers to her as “the Godmother of Image Design in China”; Arte-TV in France and Germany praises Yang as “the person who changed Chinese women” after an exclusive interview; CNN and “Grand Marche” of France – in their exclusive interview – crowned her as the “Diva of Image Design”.

Yang Qing Qing has created a large number of contemporary art works, including paintings, images, installations, fashion and new media. Her artworks have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions in China, France, Germany, Japan and the US, like the art exhibition “It’s Alright” organized by the China Academy of Art, the avant-garde exhibitions “Couriers”, “Satellite” and “39 Solo Exhibitions” in Shanghai or the Fashion & Art Festival in Germany.“100% Silk—The conversation between garments and stories” won Yang Qingqing the honor of the only Chinese designer whose artworks were featured in the French Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010, as well as the position of the director of innovative design and visual art for the Chinese Pavilion of Expo 2010. Her interactive large-scale artwork “A Dream of Red Mansions” was presented the award for “Most Original Design” of the Science and Art Exhibition in Shanghai.

In 2005, Yang co-founded the exhibition design firm Fei-Lai-Fei-Qu Multimedia Limited, a 100 employee company which she is leading as its president, exploring the possibilities to synergize the worlds of art and technology. She also established the “PETIT MUSEE DE L’ART” gallery in Shanghai’s famous Moganshan Art District.