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Song Yang


Song Yang
● Internationally renowned artist, curator, Song yang lived in France for eight and a half years
● Founder of culture companies: Song Yang Art and CubeQ; ten years of entrepreneurial career
● More than 15 countries around the world roving exhibition + lecture + book publishing
● Member of the Youth Federation of Chao yang District, Beijing; director of Lan Hua Cao Foundation
● Special Lecturer, Beijing Film Academy/Central Academy of Fine Arts/TED Animation
● Served as the youngest judge of the International University Sports Federation at the end of 2008
● Won the gold medal of 2008 Beijing Creative Design “Annual Youth Figures”
• 2011 World University Games Global Vision Consultant + Alibaba Amoy Doll Visual Judge + Jingsdong Dog Mascot Visual Jury;
s● Named 2013, 2014 and 2015 Annual Fashion Artist by ART&FORTUNE, LIFE STYLE and NEW YOUNGER
•His single painting “BAD GIRL” was auctioned for millions of yuan
● Honored as “Young Opinion Leader” by Ullens Center For Contemporary Art
Recognized as “an artist who is difficult to define” the United States SURFACE magazine
● Two hundred million of license fee of bad girl representing Fashion Weekend of the 2017 Shanghai Fashion Week
• In 2018, Song yang art exclusively signed of Andy Warhol, American Pop Master ;and carried out cross-border cooperation with the Imperial Palace , Sponge -Bob , Paul Frank , Winter Palace , Beatles and other international front-line IP
● Song yang personal Works by UNESCO/Beijing Today Art Museum/Dubai National Art Gallery/Adumonte Art Museum/Moscow National Museum of Contemporary Art/Copenhagen Museum of Contemporary Art/

 ● The “”Future Links plus Future Link”” art theory was created in 2020 and the United Nations recommended a global release in English.