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Shen Chuchu

SHEN Chuchu, Shanghai, Curatot, Artist

Born in Shanghai in 1994, now working in Shanghai as an artist and curator. Her research interests include Animamix (animation+comics), Urbart, trend art, and new media art.

She is the co-editor of New Art Classics and Transmedia Fashion Art. She is currently co-writing Animamix with a well-known curator and art critic.

Main curatorial experience: “Animamix Biennale–Ballade” (located in Shanghai and Chengdu), “Daydreamers” (a GIF image exhibition), “One Flower, One World” (during Shanghai Design Week), “Gathering Field–Transmedia Art Exhibition” (supported by National Art Fund), and several large art group exhibitions and more than twenty solo exhibits. In 2016, as the publicity ambassador of Pompidou Art Exhibition, Shen had organized many campus lecture tours and acted as the keynote speaker. She was a of one the judge member in the animation section of the 2018 China Times HISFF film festival. In addition, since 2018, she founded and co-founded a couple long-term programs such as, MoCA x HUOJU Musicians (original musicians program), Stroll the Line Series (Animamix program), Reading Cities Series, a series of campus tour lectures about Dunhuang art and graffiti art, a series of lectures on “The Road of Forking Paths” (about cyberpunk culture). Currently, Shen is invited by the Himalayan Art Museum to plan of a large-scale trend art group exhibition.

Shen has been interviewed many times by professional media group such as, Art Humanities, Art World, Bazaar Art and Artron Art. She has published a number of academic articles. Her project was awarded Shanghai Cultural Development Fund and her exhibitions has received many attentions and reports from the medias such as, Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai TV News, Xinmin Evening News, People’s Daily, ICS and other mainstreams. In 2020, she was selected as one of the 5 outstanding artists of the post-90s.She also  curated the 2020 “Art Plus Shanghai International Fair” fashion art exhibition area, and presided over the round table forum “empowerment: promotion and collection of Chinese modern and contemporary art”.