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Rok Yangxin Chen


Born in Wuhan, China in 1991. NFT artist. The highest price holder of NFT artworks in China. Target artist of Uli Sigg1’s first encrypted art collection.

Yangxin graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s degree, and holds a Master’s degree in Product Design from UC Berkeley. Worked as an electronic, mechanical, and industrial designer in the web 2.0 era, he has participated in and led the design of iPhone, NASA Titan flexible robot, Lenovo DaystAR, NIO car cockpit, OPPO phone, and other world-renowned industrial technology products. He holds a number of technical patents and papers.

He has been active in Pixiv, the world’s largest illustrator community, under the pseudonym Okingjo since he was a teenager. For one month in a row, he was listed in Pixiv as one of the top ten 2D painters in the world.

With the advent of the web 3.0 era, Yangxin joined Binance NFT marketplace in its start-up stage, to be responsible for the curation and the creation of Binance’s brand NFT art. He planned Binance’s first crypto art exhibition “”Genesis””, and the re-creation amazed the crypto industry at the time with brand metaphors and blockchain symbols. It helped convey Binance’s determination to transform the world’s art history with blockchain technology.

He is now leveraging algorithm generation technology to deliver new artistic presentation forms and content in his NFT work Blockie. His work blends in the feeling of brightness and colorfulness into a strong industrial and non-mainstream punk style due to his cross-border and cross-cultural experience, which is great for creating Memes – one of the cultural symbols of the blockchain.

He is an expert in re-creation of digital materials using artificial intelligence. His works delivered the ironies of the consumerist society and the phenomenon of popular culture, the reflection on the human civilization and ideology brought by the blockchain, the combination of the virtual world vision of the future metaverse and the mapping of real-world technology. His digital creations are always a condensed state that expresses extraordinary imagination, vivid empathy, and various unexpected ideas.