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Man Kaihui

Man Kaihui
Born in Chongqing,in 1964;
The president of Beijing Mingyou Culture Art Co.,Ltd;
The jewellery designer of Gems and Jewelry Trade Association of China;
The member of Printing Artists Association of China;
The curator of art galleries;
1986,gratuated from Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramic College,major in Sculpture
1987,lecturer in dept.of Fine Arts,Guangdong Foshan University
1996,advanced study in Central Academy of Fine Arts,major in Printing Art;
1996,established Sanban Studio
2005,established 3+3 Space gallery;
2006,established Yin Shu,an original designer jewelry store;
2009,We won the Silver and Bronze Award for the Fourteenth Gold Screen Printing of Heng Hui Cup;
2010,We won the third prize for the Seventh China International Gold jewelry Design Competition of the China Gold Cup;
2010, participate in the Sharing of Classic – Modern Sculpture and Screen Printing Exhibition and Designer Original Jewelry Exhibition;
2013,We won the award for the First Global Hakka Cultural and Creative Product Design Competition of Zhongkai Cup””;
2015, participate in China Silk Road Theme of China Pavilion of 2015 World Expo,in Milano ;
2015, We won the Gold Award for the Seventeenth Golden Printing of Tian Ling Cup;
2015,We won the Gold and Bronze Award for the Eighth Session of the Asia Pacific Screen Printing (The 8th ASGA Awards) ;
2015, won the Bronze and award of excellence for the First “”Jinghua Award”” organized by Chinese Jewelry Trade Association