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Luo Wei

Solo Exhibitions

More accurate and far-reaching than the algorithm is , Duende Art Museum, Shunde, China

Oversoul,Red star Art Center
Glittering Bliss Euphoria, Coutts Art Center Shanghai, China
Genesis flagship store, Wu toon gallery, Changsha, China
Crystal World Tour, PowerLong Art Center, Shanghai, China
Crystal Planet – Luo Wei, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China
What we talk about when we talk about ARTIST, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 
 Spectator, German Media, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions 


Youth Territory ,Bund 18 Jiushi Art Gallery,Shanghai,China

Wonderful party on the planet of barrilin, Beijing China


Synthetic evolution, Hongkun Art Museum, Beijing, China
Oil tank player Art Festival, oil tank Art Center, Shanghai, China
TX next lab, Huaihai TX, Shanghai, China
World meta & verse, Art Museum of Central Academy of fine arts, Langfang Museum, Langfang, China
R. E.D mobile art exhibition, creation + space, Shanghai, China


Terminal >_ How do we begin?, X Art Museum, Beijing, China


Made in Illusion, Time Gallery, Beijing, China
Beijing Quick Walk, Gwangju Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea
On Paper. Supreme, SZ Art Center Space, Beijing, China
A Cotton Paper, Nine Flour Art Museum, Beijing, China
On Paper. Supreme, Yishun Art Space, Shenyang, China
On Paper. Supreme , Tiantai Art Center, Qingdao, China
Scripts, Traces, and the unpredictable, PearlLam Galleries, Shanghai, China


Reset, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China
On the way, Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
A mossy room, Jin Ge Art Center, Beijing, China.
Oscillation, new media art exhibition,33 contemporary art center, Guangzhou, China
Reset, Power long art museum, Shanghai, China
Tea theatre, Cloud House, Beijing, China
Snake-Arms , CIPA Gallery, Beijing, China
Now, a Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists, CFCCA, UK
The unknown future, on the International Visual Arts experimental exhibition, China
The body does not brake, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of art, Beijing, China
Digital sampler, Chongqing star Museum of contemporary art, Chongqing, China
Luo Wei X auto art sale , platform China, Beijing, China
3rd CAFAM Biennial ,CAFAM,Beijing ,China
Borderless-the 2nd German and Chinese Young Artists Development Fund Joint Exhibition .Sans Titre museum, Postdam, Germany

Paranormal Perception –LuoWei x dRoom ,Platform China,Beijing, China ShangHai Project,89Plus,Himalayas Museum,ShangHai,China
Tara’s offense,Si Shang Art Museum,Beijing, China
Internal combustion, exhibition of female artists Chinese, broad art museum,     Michigan, USA
Biological Renaissance agenda tour, one-way space, Beijing, China   Art Utopia,UCCA,Beijing, China

Kwangju Art Museum in Beijing Exhibition Center creation, Fusi Gallery, Beijing,   Chinese 
Mutual aid agency, Rong space , Beijing, China
The second “”CAFAM Future Exhibition”  ,Hong kong station, K11 Art Center, Hong kong, China
New perception, Chinese female artists invited exhibition, PearlLamGallery ,Shanghai, China
The second “”CAFAM Future Exhibition”CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

Epoch Writing ,Chinese Contemporary Art invitational Exhibition. The First Round ,Wenzhou Art Museum , Wenzhou, China
Temporary residence permits, unicorn space, Beijing, China

Sino-French art exhibition, Shanghai – Beijing – Paris
NO BOUNDARY CODES- 2014 International Youth New Media Art Exhibition,LAN Jing Art Center, Beijing, China
Un-conscius forms, ON Gallery, Beijing, China
Up Youth – China Young Artists Exhibition, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
Reproduction Chinese 80s – Dual Exhibition, BLUERIDER Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 

Syncopate Contemporary art exhibition, Lantern Club, Beijing, China
Artist studios, ON Gallery, Beijing, China 
The taste of ink, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China
Chinese young artists exhibition, German Media, Berlin, Germany
Dream of memory, ON Gallery, Beijing, China
Light of academy, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
Guan Lan printmaking Biennial Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
Transparency, space station, Beijing, China

Green Torch Bearer Exhibition, UP Space, Beijing, China
2nd prize in Excellent Graduation Student Works, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

Sketching of ten years, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
Beijing X buffalo,Today Art Museum, Art Museum of Buffalo University, Beijing,  China, Buffalo, USA