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Liu Jun


LIU Jun is currently an associate professor and academic advisor for master’s students at Tianjin University. Liu Jun also serves an expert for assessing of China’s graduate education, and for reviewing academic disciplines and papers for China’s Ministry of Education. With his expertise in fine arts, He has become a board member of Tianjin Fine Artists Association, the Vice President of Tianjin Young Fine Artists Association, and the Top 10 Young Fine Artists of Tianjin Municipality. He is also an adjunct painter for Tianjin Fine Arts Academy, a committee member of Tianjin Youth Association, Vice President of Fine Artists Association in Tianjin’s Nankai District, a standing committee member ofYouth Association in Nankai District, and the Vice Director of CPPCC Literature, History and Culture Committee in Nankai District.

After graduating from the Department of Chinese Paintings at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in 2000, he went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at WANG Xuezhong Fine Arts Research Institute of Tianjin University, take courses by Professor WANG Xuezhong, and receive a master’s degree. Liu stayed at Tianjin University for his career in teaching and theoretical research of Chinese painting and calligraphy. His works were selected as exhibits and awarded at multiple domestic and international events, including the Chinese Paintings Exhibition at the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition. Liu is also a core member of the ongoing academic project #11&ZD115 (project name: Arrangement and Research of Documents and Materials of Chinese Artists in Japan Collected by Japanese Museums in Modern Times), which is a major project sponsored by China’s NationalFoundation for Philosophy and Social Sciences. He has also led eight national foundation projects, whose sponsors include China’s Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education. At provincial and ministerial levels, he has hosted planned projects funded by social sciences and arts foundations — including “Study of Hue Art Paintings since Modern Times.” Last but not least, Liu’s academic works were published on Fine Arts Research, ChineseCalligraphy,FineArts Observation, Traditional Chinese Painter, nd many other journals around the globe.